Our mission is to empower people to listen to their inner voice, follow their creative passion and free their expression. 

We are a creative wellbeing organisation passionate about bringing awareness to mental health & giving creative expression to the voices within. Through meditation, movement and character creation we develop peace with the different parts of our selves.

We offer transformational programs, workshops, speaking events, meditations, performances & one-on-one coaching, giving people tools to free themselves from the inner voices holding them back, reconnect with their creative life force and feel the confidence to share their voice with a wider audience.

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the voices of

A transformative 10 week program to get to know and express your inner voices, helping to transform your belief system, free your voice, reignite your creativity and live from your true potential. 

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the voices of


We’re passionate about creating events to bring the community together to share in mental health, creativity, theatre and expression of the voices within.

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the voices of


We offer one-on-one coaching for those looking to find more inner peace from the voices in their heads and feel more freedom with their creative expression. Coaching is intuitive and tailored to your needs.



In this program you will…

- Learn how to get out of your head & into your heart
- Re-awaken your creativity
- Let go of self doubt and sabotage
- Shift your mindset and let go of your old belief system
- Know the difference between your true voice & your ego
- Feel freedom in your expression and your voice
- Feel more confident to put yourself out there
- Experience a powerful photoshoot with Esther Buttery
- The opportunity to have your voice be heard and witnessed on stage in front of an audience at "The Voices Of Performance Ritual"

This is a deeply creative and transformative program, designed for you to meet and express your inner voices (inner child, do-er, dreamer, fear, shadow & inner wisdom) so that you can separate what are the voices in your head and what is the voice of your intuition, your true inner voice.

This program is offered with both online and in person workshop components, with weekly group Skype mentoring sessions, video tutorials and weekly pdf packs. At the end of the program, you will have the opportunity to share your voices (who will by then be transformed into creative expression of - characters, songs, movement, spoken word, art pieces etc. ) in The Voices Of...Performance Ritual where we invite an audience to witness your transformation, giving them the healing to get to know their voices too.

No prior performance experience is necessary. We’ve had many graduates go through the program who’ve had voices in their heads saying they weren’t a ‘performer’. We all have these voices within that want to block our creativity and stop us from being in our power. However, with a willingness to commit to changing your inner life, you will start to have more control over which voice in you is ruling. You will be encouraged to reconnect to that child within that used to play and not care about what others thought.

If there is a voice calling you towards it. Maybe it’s time to listen to that one instead.
The change starts with you.
The empowerment in this program is with you…it’s time to reclaim your voice.
We just merely guide it for you.

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Feb 25th - May 5th 2019

Listen to that soul niggle and get in touch...

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“Wow I met so many different aspects of my Ego, these voices had been controlling me for years.
I loved every process of meeting and working with my voices. Yes at times they were confronting and overwhelming but once you moved past those feelings, there was magic to be found within each voice.
I loved that I could tap into my creativity through the Voices of Movement.
Tali is an amazing facilitator and space holder and I love that she has created this incredible program. So much love, knowledge, wisdom compassion, support and joy was shared amongst the sisters that I journeyed with. It is wonderful to be part of your beautiful tribe Tali! Thank you!
If you are ready to meet your voices then give Tali a call or inbox her.
For me the program has been life changing!”
— Mandii - Graduate of The Voices Of...Program
“I could not speak more highly of Tali’s wisdom and the transformation her work has brought to me and many others.

This journey has opened up new possibilities for me. I am finally listening to the calling to create a community of women, connected in the journey of motherhood... wherever they may be on this path.”
— Josie - Graduate of The Voices Of...Program
I got more confidence and definitely separation - I feel like I’ve got so much clarity on the things running through my mind. I can really commit and push through things now. Whereas before I’d have to reach out for advice.
Out of this course I realised, wow, I can do this. I can make a difference. My purpose matters
— Michelle - Graduate of The Voices Of...Program

"It’s crazy and fun and freeing. If you feel drawn to it, follow your own heart and gut. If it says yes then just dive in and enjoy it with a bit of lightness and a lot of self love."

Esther - Graduate of The Voices Of...Program


"I would say/have been saying...Its a life changer.
A program that unlocks your creative potential, your relationship to performing, to your voices and to your truth/heart/self."

Stephanie - Graduate of The Voices Of...Program

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"Loving this course SO MUCH!!! I'm getting way more out of it than I ever thought possible. I recommend it to anyone looking to take control of all the voices in your head that may be ruling or may not have been heard for awhile. I love that I am becoming friends with these voices. Even the loud, mean, controlling ones. They are feeling heard and I am getting so much clearer in my True Voice. Thanks for your endless support Tali Brash, you are amazing!"

Cat - Graduate of The Voices Of...Program


"Just do it! That voice telling you not to do it, is scared of what could be on the other side of being 100% authentically you. Trust that inner knowing and go for it. The level of self trust, discipline, inner knowing and creativity you will find in yourself is worth it. Give yourself the gift of knowing all of you better and loving all parts of yourself - you wont be looking back on this decision with regret, but with joy and confidence."

Chloe - Graduate of The Voices Of...Program


"The content was incredible. I have never experienced such a relevant and practical application of the various techniques and tools of Self Development, for creative purposes."

Ally - Graduate of The Voices Of...Program

Upcoming Events…

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The Voices Of…

Kate Parkin, Stephanie Panozzo, Georgia Whyte & Briony Sington with Em Frances


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The Voices Of Women

In October 2017 we held our first ever Voices Of Women event with a panel of inspiring female speakers and performers - sharing their stories and insights around mental health and the different spiritual, clinical and creative ways they have dealt with anxiety and depression. We ran a raffle & silent auction on the night raising funds for Beyond Blue.

Huge thank you to our speakers:
Em Rusciano, Chelsea Plumley, Susan Santoro & Jessica Jovanovski
And performers:
Jude Pearl & Lauren Glezer


In 2019 we will be hosting another “The Voices Of Women” as well as “The Voices Of Men” event - if you’d like to be involved, please feel free to get in touch.


The Voices Of…Performance Rituals

At the completion of the 10 week “Voices Of Program”, participants have the opportunity to perform at The Voices Of Performance Ritual, sharing their voices and creative expression with a live audience. Previous performance rituals have always sold out filled with a room full of over 100 people laughing, crying and sharing in the humanity of the voices we all have within.

Join us for the next one on Sunday Feb 3rd 2019 at One Roof, Southbank