What are your favorite point dances in kpop?

The Allure of Kpop Point Dances

When it comes to Kpop, one of the most enthralling aspects that sets it apart from other genres is the unique and intricate choreography. More specifically, the "point dances" - the highlight moves in a routine that are easy to follow and often go viral. They're the moves that fans love to learn and perform themselves, creating a bond between the audience and the performers. In this article, I'll share some of my favorite point dances in Kpop, which have left an indelible mark on the industry and my heart.

The Enthralling "Gangnam Style"

Arguably the most famous Kpop dance, Psy's "Gangnam Style" has to be mentioned. This dance is the epitome of a point dance, with its horse-riding move that even people with two left feet can imitate. The dance has crossed borders and has been performed by people of all ages worldwide, showcasing the power of a simple yet catchy point dance.

The Iconic "TT" by Twice

Twice's "TT" is another point dance that has achieved global recognition. The signature move, where the girls make 'T' shapes with their hands to resemble crying eyes, is both adorable and unforgettable. This dance was so popular that it sparked a trend on various social media platforms, with fans and even non-fans joining in on the fun.

The Smooth "Love Shot" from EXO

EXO's "Love Shot" is a prime example of a point dance that is both visually appealing and somewhat challenging. The iconic gun-loading and shooting movements are smooth yet powerful, perfectly matching the song's seductive vibes. This point dance has definitely left its mark on the Kpop industry, and it's one of those dances that you can't help but join in when the chorus hits.

The Energetic "Dope" by BTS

BTS's "Dope" point dance is an absolute thrill to watch and even more fun to learn. The dance's highlight is the energetic shuffle move during the chorus, which is guaranteed to get your heart pumping. This dance is a testament to BTS's versatility and their ability to make even the most complex moves look effortless.

The Playful "Likey" from Twice

Another Twice entry on this list, "Likey," is a dance that's as cute and playful as the song itself. The point dance involves a simple heart gesture that matches the song's lovable theme. It's a dance that's easy to follow, making it a favorite among fans and the general public alike.

The Captivating "Gashina" by Sunmi

Sunmi's "Gashina" point dance is as captivating as it is iconic. The flower blooming move is both elegant and powerful, much like Sunmi herself. This dance has been replicated by numerous Kpop idols, proving its popularity and impact on the Kpop industry. It's the kind of dance that leaves a lasting impression, making it one of my favorites.

The Infectious "Sorry Sorry" by Super Junior

Last but not least, Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry" point dance is a classic that's hard to overlook. The iconic hand-rubbing move is simple but infectious, just like the song. This dance has been a staple in the Kpop industry for years, and it's one that still gets fans moving to this day.


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