“All the world’s a stage” – William Shakespeare



28th November - 19th December (4 weeks)

***2 x week break over Xmas & New Years.

9th of January - 6th February (5 weeks) 

12th of February - The Voices Of...Performance Ritual 

What is it?

The Voices Of…Performance Program is a 9-week life and performance program where creative artists are guided through an intensive and transformational process to find their voice in life and on stage.

Artists will discover 6 voices that live inside of them and devise their own 15 minute solo-performance piece to be performed at the end of the program in “The Voices Of…Performance Ritual” and be witnessed by a live audience in a theatre.

Each week, there is a 4 hour workshop to delve into the voices of your INNER CHILD, INNER WISDOM, DO-ER, SHADOW, FEAR, DREAMER & TRUE VOICE. Using movement, acting techniques, song, vocal work, mask, sensory, animal work, meditation and other alternative techniques to help artists embrace their voices and ultimately find their true voice.

Who is this for?

Artists – actors, singers, dancers, musicians, performers who have struggled with self-confidence to create their own work, have voices in their heads telling them they’re not good enough, feel creatively blocked and performers wanting to move through their inner blocks, form better relationships with these voices inside of them, gain empowerment and share their gifts with the world.

Prerequisite: This is for artists who have had some background/training/experience in performing arts who are willing and courageous, ready to dive deep into the work, meet these parts of themselves and commit to freeing themselves. 

Why will this be life changing for you?       

In the Weekly Workshops you will:

-       Participate in a 4 hour workshop carefully crafted and delivered in a safe, sacred and fun environment.

-       Be involved in group and individual exercises that will evoke the voices within.

-       Receive weekly props/offerings for each voice.

-       Receive the support of a collective group of artists journeying alongside you. 

-       Receive delicious vegetarian catered meals and snacks.

Additionally during the program you will receive: 

-       Weekly coaching sessions with Tali to assist with development of the performance piece.

-       Weekly “Performance Packs” with notes, homework, tools, tasks and list of to-do’s for the week.

-       One-on-one and group dress rehearsals with Tali in the lead up to The Voices Of…Performance Ritual

-       Perform your 15 min solo-piece at a theatre in “The Voices Of…Performance Ritual” Production and be witnessed by a live audience.

-       Access to a private Facebook group for additional support throughout the program.

-      A personalised photoshoot of your voices with a professional photographer.

-       Video footage and photos of your solo performance piece.

As a PERFORMER you will: 

-       Rediscover your love and joy for performing and unleash the creative genius that lives inside you.

-       Write, create and perform your own 15 min solo piece.

-       Gain more confidence, understanding and inner trust of your creative process.

-       Learn tools to assist with performance anxiety.

-       Strengthen your voice & vocal range.  

In LIFE you will:

-       Uncover voices that are blocking you from living life to the fullest and learn tools and techniques to support you to move through them.

-       Develop more awareness & choice over which voices you want to be ruling your life and lead the way.

-       Experience more self acceptance and inner peace by embracing all these parts of yourself and letting them speak.

What’s involved in The Voices Of…Performance Program?