Tali Brash, Liana Brener, Eva Leone, Mykey O'Halloran, Marcel Makdessi

SUNDAY 13th November 2016 - 6.30pm

Bella Union, Trades Hall - Carlton


The Voices Of…Program Performance Ritual

9 weeks, 4 courageous artists, over 30 voices and 1 massive journey.

In September 2016, four brave artists with many voices in their heads telling them “you’re not good enough”, “stop dreaming", “you have a shit voice", had one other voice come through telling them to participate in The Voices Of…Program. An intensive 9 week life and performance program designed to help them connect to 6 voices that live inside them and create a solo performance piece expressing these inner voices through acting, dancing, singing and poetry.

To mark the completion of the program they will be performing their pieces in The Voices Of…Performance Ritual. These courageous and inspiring artists have discovered The Voices Of…their INNER CHILD, INNER WISDOM, FEAR, SHADOW, DO-ER, DREAMER and their TRUE VOICE.

The Voices Of… MARCEL, MYKEY, EVA & LIANA are excited, terrified, elated, nervous, hopeful and passionate about sharing their voices on stage with you to help spread the message that ‘we all have these voices inside of us and by embracing them we can be set free’.