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A one-woman show written, produced and performed by Tali Brash. The story follows Tali emerging and finding her true voice by learning to embrace all the voices that live inside her that are born out of the history of generations passed and the inner working’s of her own mind.

Throughout the show we meet The Voices Of Tali:
‘Yentl’ - The Jewish Wise Woman

‘Little Lisa’ - Inner Child  & her friend 'Kiki the Koala'

'Yoni' - The Do-er, psychologist & ex- Israeli soldier (and most recently an Uber driver)

‘Mia’ - the Shadow aka 'the bitch'

‘Ms. Broadway Brash’ - the Dreamer (and Broadway star!) 

‘Gail’ - South African accountant who’s incredibly fearful, but still thinks you should see the show.

Tali truly bares her soul in this raw, captivating and highly entertaining one-woman show delivering the message that learning to embrace and express the voices inside, can set you free.

 “I’m passionate about spreading the universal message that we all have these voices in us. If we can bring more awareness to the voices in our head, embrace them, converse with them, see what they have to say and give them a voice, then we can be connect to our true voice and live our dream" - Tali Brash


The Voices Of Tali Seasons

Alex Theatre, St Kilda, 11th - 13th November 2015 - SOLD OUT

Adelaide Fringe Festival, 6th - 9th March 2016


4.5 STARS - “One hell of a performance” – Theatrepeople

“Brash is a Renaissance Woman of the stage, a triple threat whose writing is observant and intelligent” – Amelia Mellor, Writer

“A deeply empowering and moving piece of art” – Your Mindset Matters, Romi Freedman

“The Voices Of Tali” is the expression of a strong woman and powerful actress, unafraid of her own light.” – Emily Louise Thomas, writer.

 “Brash’s one-woman show is a knockout!”  Pationpics


"Watching the Voices Of Tali was akin to hearing another Australian accent in a foreign country. I connected with the familiar twangs of each character and sought out more connectors to feel closer to home.

Tali’s dance drew unstoppable tears from flowing as I watched her dance a part of my story. It was then I realised that Tali was not just a fellow “Aussie” but someone from my own emotional neighbourhood" - Keryn Ronay Consumer Consultant/Peer Worker | Community Mental Health - Adelaide, 'Many Voices Festival' 

"The way the performance normalised the idea of hearing voices, and the recognition and affirmation that people attending received from the show was truly moving and uplifting" - Elizabeth Becker, Adelaide

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public speaking

The Voices Of Tali have been invited to speak at numerous events around Australia, in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. 

For bookings for Public Speaking events please contact: [email protected]

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The Voices Of Tali have been invited to speak at numerous events around Australia, in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

For bookings for Public Speaking events please contact: [email protected]