Do you find that you have many thoughts racing through your head? 

Do you find that you are not living your full potential? 

Do you feel that you have more to offer the world? 

Did you learn to shut down your voice as a kid? 

Do you feel creatively blocked? 

Performance coaching involves one-on-one sessions with Tali which is personalised for your needs to work through and uncover the voices that live inside you that may be stopping you from living out your dream life. 

Private coaching can assist you with: 
- Anxiety in life and/or related to performing
- Uncovering the voices that are inside you, coming to peace with all the parts of yourself and finding your true voice
- Getting clear on your dream, what it is you want to create and give to the world
- Learning tools for more relaxation and joy in your everyday life
- Discovering the full power of your voice
- Guidance & support for artists wanting to create their own piece of work
- Building self-confidence  

To schedule a private coaching session, please contact: [email protected]