The Voices Of Movement helps creative entrepreneurs, performers & artists Find Their Voice and make their vision a reality. 

“All the world’s a stage” – William Shakespeare

The Voices Of Movement is passionate about empowering creative people to gain clarity, peace of mind and confidence to share their voice, gifts and talent with the world. By discovering the voices within, the different parts that make up who we are and embracing them we can live our purpose and the life we were born to live.

Through coaching, facilitating programs, performances, public speaking and seminars - we help people connect to the deeper parts of themselves and express it in a fun & creative way. It is also a platform for people to be guided through transformational processes to create original artistic work, public speaking keynotes, online businesses and performances for live events. 

“By giving voice to these parts of yourself, one can feel more at peace and live their dream life. It is often the voices we hear in our heads that block us from being all that we are” – Tali Brash, Founder & Creative Director of The Voices Of Movement.




Tali Brash is the Founder and Creative Director of The Voices Of Movement - helping creative people find their voice! Her ability to bring forth a person's confidence, clarity and self empowerment is what holds her and The Voices Of Movement to be the success that it is. 

Tali is known for her enigmatic presence both in life and on stage. Known as being a 'triple threat', she is a remarkable performer, speaker, facilitator and coach. 

In both 2015 & 2016, Tali had sold-out seasons at The Alex Theatre, St Kilda and The Adelaide Fringe Festival with standing ovations and 4.5 star reviews of her self-devised one-woman show "The Voices Of Tali". An autobiographical story about coming to find her true voice in life and follow her dreams by getting to know 6 inner voices that live inside of her. Known for her courage and bravery to be completely raw, entertaining and inspiring, Tali leaves audiences laughing, crying and deeply inspired to create change in their own lives.

Tali has worked for many years as a facilitator & coach. She specialises in helping creative people reach their highest potential by helping them clear their mind, gain more confidence and clarity so they can give their gifts to the world.