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Starts 27th June

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Keep your creativity flowing this winter.

Often winter can be an an uninspiring and isolating time. We aren’t as playful or as connected and we can slow down on projects and ideas, putting them off until the temperature picks back up….

But the hibernation that winter forces onto us can actually be a perfect time to turn inward - to contemplate what it is we want to bring forth for the future, and to allow the visions of our True Voice to be seen and heard.

So instead of winter going to waste, it can be a time of incubation, of planting seeds of ideas and projects that will SPRING into action come warmer weather.

This brand new 6 week course is an opportunity to foster your creativity and discover your passions, whilst connecting with like minded souls.. all from the comfort of your own home!

Each week there will be a different theme to use as a prompt to explore and harness your creativity in a different way. These include movement, sound, creative play, and building something. Then, via a private Facebook group, you will share your offering with others in the course, building courage and clarity about what really sets your soul on fire.

At the end of the 6 weeks, we will have a Winter Wonderland Community Night in person, filled with sharing our creative expression. There will be dancing, singing, movement and meditation as we celebrate and come together as a collective!

For just $90, you get:

  • 6 weeks of community, connection and opportunities to collaborate

  • Weekly emails with ideas and perspective on how to shift your blocks around your creativity and open your creative channel

  • A boost in confidence in your creative expression

  • A platform to share your creativity each week

  • To be kept accountable to ensure you are stepping into your creativity for at least 1 hour per week - but at any time that suits you and your schedule

  • A ticket to our in person culmination celebration Community Night in Melbourne on August 1st

  • To have a FUN and positive experience this winter!

If you have a voice inside you telling you that you’re not creative - it most likely means you actually are. Don’t let that voice win and ruin your chance to undertake a fun, positively challenging and inspiring course.

We can’t wait to share in the beauty of everyones creative gifts.

6 Week Online Creative Community Course
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