the voices of

The Voices Of is a movement empowering people to listen, create and live from their true voice.

We offer transformational mentoring programs, workshops, speaking events & performances, giving people the opportunity to have their voices be heard.

We are deeply passionate about about bringing awareness to mental health & giving creative expression to the voices within. So that people may be at peace with the different parts of the selves.

Graduates from the movement have had life changing transformations, no longer feeling blocked by the voices in their heads (their anxiety/fear voice), they have felt more free to create their businesses, perform their one-woman show, move house, let go of relationships and feel more creatively free to share their gifts.

“It's often only the voices in our heads that block us from taking leaps of faith and feeling confident to put ourselves out there. So by expressing these parts creatively, one can feel more free, confident and courageous to live from their true voice” – Tali Brash, Founder of The Voices Of.


tali BRash - founder

After huge success with her one-woman show "The Voices Of Tali" sharing her voices and loved characters with audiences across Australia, Tali went on to create The Voices Of with a desire to share the transformational process of coming to meet and express your inner voices through character creation.

Tali is known for her enigmatic presence both in life and on stage. She is a remarkable performer, speaker, facilitator and coach. With a background in performing arts and psychology, Tali created "The Voices" body of work to guide others to embrace the different parts of the self.

Tali harnesses her deep intuition and higher guidance with practical and accessible tools in the programs and in her one-on-one coaching. She specialises in helping people to feel empowered by reflecting back their truth so they can learn to embrace all that they are and feel confident to share their voice with the world.


The Voices of Movement online program was a powerful and creative journey into my inner world. As a child and teenager I loved performing but the older I got, I adopted a story – my fear voice told me that I wasn’t good enough to perform and save face I should just retreat from the idea altogether. Over the years this resulted in me actually developing a fear of the stage and the idea of performing sent panic and anxiety through my body.
After coming to know the voices that live within me and being supported to express them within the closed online group, I was ready to take them to the stage. I performed a 25 minute improvised piece to over 100 people, which prior to Tali’s coaching was something I would never have considered, even though at my deepest core there has always been a huge desire to express myself in this way. My desire most definitely would have gone unfulfilled if I hadn’t have taken the leap and joined Tali’s program. I created, developed and wrote content for all my characters and discovered that I was creative beyond what I thought was possible, I performed on stage and discovered that I was funny, entertaining, and incredibly courageous to be seen in my full spectrum. The Voices Of Program was a profoundly healing journey that I would recommend for anyone who feels the pulse of creative expression within but live with the voice of fear that holds you back in life.”

Shae Elise
Mother of Desire